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The Southern Italian Table





The Southern Italian Table:  Authentic Tastes from "Traditional" Kitchens
Ten Speed Press, 2008 288p. 

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 Praise for The Southern Italian Table:

"I have always felt that Arthur Schwartz is perhaps the wisest American in all of Italy and this new book on the simple genius and intuitive beauty of the food of the southern part of the boot is another example of his sage understanding of real food."
- Mario Batali, celebrity chef


"Few people, Italian or not, understand the homecooking of Italy as well as Arthur Schwartz. And none of them put those recipes into English better than he does." - Mark Bittman, New York Times columnist and author of How to Cook Everything, among other cookbooks


"Book covers can barely contain Arthur's enthusiasm for Southern Italy. From page one, you're drawn in by his affection for its people, his knowledge of the culture and his deep love of the food. And while you'll want to read the whole book - its great fun to armchair travel with him - the real pleasure comes from following Arthur's recipes: they take you straight to the heart of Southern Italy."  -Dorie Greenspan, author of Baking From My Home to Yours, among other cookbooks."


A well-curated collection; you'll want to make just about everything." 
The Washington Post, cited among their best cookbooks of 2009


"An intimate view of local chefs and home cooks, a history of the region, and delicious recipes  ... each recipe is rigorously tested." The Bergen News

"This is a Fall 2009 title that slipped past us and should not have been overlooked. Schwartz, a beloved figure on the NYC food scene, expands on his earlier, award-winning Naples at Table with a fresh, exciting look at a region many of us may have written off as valuable for little more than red sauce. Pickled carrot and celery root salad; lamb chops with black olives; potato cake with broccoli rabe, sausage, and smoked cheese. Color throughout." - Kitchen Arts & Letters Bookstore newsletter

"The Southern Italian Table ... is that one treasure, a book to really read AND cook brilliantly from. I've been enjoying it for a while now - in bed and out." -


"Thanks to some determined proselytizing by American chefs, southern Italian cooking has shed its too-close correlation with Italian-American cuisine and has begun to receive greater attention and respect. Noted cooking teacher and author Schwartz offers a compendium of southern Italian recipes that will appeal to many. He tries to avoid demanding ingredients unavailable in the U.S., but he reports that many seemingly exotic and formerly inaccessible products, such as preserved fish roe and anchovy syrup, can now be shipped anywhere in the country from Internet-based purveyors. Cooks accustomed to soupy pasta and beans will find a baked version here that Schwartz stumbled onto in Salerno. He notes that some sauces, such as one based on butternut squash and sausage, may succeed either over pasta or as a risotto base. For something completely different, there's an Italian shepherd's pie made of sausage, smoked cheese, and broccoli rabe sandwiched into layers of mashed potato."
- Booklist, Mark Knoblauch


"Since my trip to Campania ... I have been obsessed with Southern Italian food.  Arthur Schwartz nails it.  He includes many dishes that are pure comfort food but that you are not likely to find elsewhere.  Bravo Arturo!" - cookingwithamy.blogspot.comBest Cookbooks of 2009


Sample Recipes
Caponata al Forno   Lagane e Ceci
Maccheroni con Zucchine e Ricotta   Tonno Agro Dolce
Torta di Frutta Secca di Zia Delia      
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