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Naples at Table


Naples At Table: Cooking In Campania; More Than 250 Recipes From Avellino, Benevento, Caserta, Salerno, The Amalfi Coast, Capri And Ischia
by Arthur Schwartz
New York: HarperCollins, 1998. 436p.

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From the jacket:

Arthur Schwartz, popular radio host, cookbook author, and veteran restaurant critic, invites you to join him as he celebrates the food and people of Naples and Campania. ... the cradle of Italian-American cuisine.... In Naples At Table, Arthur Schwartz takes a fresh look at the region's major culinary contributions to the world -- its pizza, dried pasta, seafood, and vegetable dishes, its sustaining soups and voluptuous desserts -- and reveals the recipes for some of Campania's lesser-known specialties as well. Always, he provides all the techniques and details you need to make them with authenticity and ease.

    Naples At Table is the first cookbook in English to survey and document the cooking of this culturally important and gastronomically rich area. Schwartz spent years traveling to Naples and throughout the region, making friends, eating at their tables, working with home cooks and restaurant chefs, researching the origins of each recipe. Here then are recipes that reveal the truly subtle, elegant Neapolitan hand with such familiar dishes as linguine with clam sauce, baked ziti, eggplant parmigiana, and tomato sauces of all kinds.... This is the Italian food the world knows best, at its best. -- bold and vibrant flavors made from few ingredients, using the simplest techniques. Think Sophia Loren! (And check out her recipe for Chicken Cacciatore.) Rediscover how truly delicious and satisfying, even healthful, Campanian favorites can be -- from vegetable dishes like stuffed peppers and garlicky greens, to pasta sauces ranging from many you can make while the spaghetti boils to the Neapolitans' famous long-simmered ragu, redolent with the flavors of meat and red wine. ... All are wonderfully old-fashioned and familiar, yet in the hands of a Neapolitan, strikingly contemporary and ideal for today's busy cooks and nutrition-minded sybarites.

    Finally, what better way to feed a sweet tooth than with a Neapolitan dessert? ... Arthur Schwartz predicts that the region's easily assembled refrigerator cakes -- delizie or delights --are going to replace tiramisu on America's tables. In any case, one bite of Zuppa Inglese, the Neapolitan spin on English trifle, and you'll be singing "That's Amore."

    A trip with Arthur Schwartz to Naples and its surrounding region is the next best thing to being there. Join him as he presents the best traditional and contemporary foods of the region, and shares myth, legend, history, recipes, and reminiscences with American fans, followers and fellow lovers of all things Italian.

Praise for Naples At Table

Arthur Schwartz's Naples At Table has "captured the wonders of Naples cooking and all that goes with it. The book is both learned and sensual ... Just reading the recipes makes me hungry...This Christmas I gave NAPLES AT TABLE to friends who like cookbooks, and now I'm thinking of going to Naples in the summer. That's how much I loved it."
- Irene Sax,

One of "The New Classics:" ... "As Schwartz makes happily clear, the food of this southern seaport city encompasses not only pizza but also Peppered Mussels, Prosciutto Brioche and Smothered Escarole. The information is encyclopedic."
- Ann Hodgman, Food & Wine

"Arthur Schwartz's king-size introduction to Neapolitan cooking .. .has that labor-of-love air you find in books by Americans who feel an almost religious mission to share the pleasure they take in some other place. By exploring everything -- but everything -- about the general region of Campania as if it were irresistibly fascinating, Schwartz makes it so ... This is as close as you can get to total immersion in Naples by reading and cooking."
- Anne Mendelson, Gourmet

"How did America get so far into the Italian food craze without a single work on a region so crucial in shaping the Italian American culinary identity? Never mind. Now we have one that's illuminating, inviting, funny, thoughtful and unabashedly personal."
- Los Angeles Times

"Arthur Schwartz was born to write this fabulous book full of dishes on every page you will instantly want to try. The notes are both wholly informative and dead-on accurate, the recipes clear, the illustrations excellent, and at $27.50 for 250 recipes spread over 430 pages, this is the bargain of the decade."
- John Mariani, Mariani's Virtual Gourmet Newsletter

" ... a labor of love for WOR's "Food Talk" host, Arthur Schwartz ... blunt, impudent, passionate voice of the people that he his ... I plan to use it as my travel guide to Naples."
- Gael Greene, New York Magazine

"Naples At Table is full of little insights ... myth-shattering asides ... history and legend...Most important, of course are the well-written, immensely varied recipes. Neapolitan cuisine is said to be one of Italy's greatest ... Sampling dishes ... as Schwartz presents them, this is easy to believe."
- Colman Andrews, Saveur

" ... simple, straightforward and traditional recipes ... informative and often amusing commentary also make this a pleasant page turner."
- The Washington Post

Sample Recipes
Pasta and Lentils (Neapolitan Macaroni and Lentils)   Five-minute Tomato Sauce (Neapolitan Fillet of Tomato Sauce)
Eggs in Purgatory (Neapolitan Eggs in Tomato Sauce)   Chicken Cacciatore (Neapolitan Chicken Hunter-Style)
Frittata di Spaghetti (Neapolitan Spaghetti Omelet)      
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